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Using the Facilitator Guide

This guide gives you the materials to teach the Roadmap effectively and persuasively. It does not replace the Roadmap, so both you and your audience should read A Roadmap to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care before beginning this training series. 

This online guide contains 6 interactive training sessions corresponding to each of the Roadmap steps. Each session includes:

  • an editable PowerPoint presentation complete with learning objectives, examples, and discussion questions;
  • facilitator’s notes for each slide of the presentation;
  • handouts and a practical exercise to help your audience translate ideas into action; and
  • a feedback survey.

This guide assumes that your audience will implement the Roadmap in clinical settings, such as practices and hospitals. However, you can tailor the training series for other interested groups.

Learning Objectives 

In this training series, your audience will learn how to: 

  • identify one or more disparities among their patients;
  • develop effective quality improvement and community programming to reduce gaps;
  • evaluate their progress; and
  • effectively address new or different disparities in the future. 


Start here: Decisions to Make Before You Start (how to effectively structure your training)

Session 1: Link Quality and Equity
Session 2: Create a Culture of Equity
Session 3: Diagnose the Disparity
Session 4: Design the Intervention
Session 5: Secure Buy-In
Session 6: Implement and Sustain Change